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May 15, 2012

Club BAKED: Orange Creamsicle Tart

It's time for another Club: Baked recipe.  I've made plenty of cakes, cupcakes and pies....but I've never made a tart before.  I bought these 4" mini tart pans just for this recipe.

This recipe has a few components:  tart shell, orange filling and whipped cream.  The orange filling (which is delicious!) was the most time consuming to make.  I made half the recipe and that was still a lot of work:  from zesting the oranges & lemon, to juicing, to cooking the custard.  You had to see the mess in the kitchen!  But everything smelled so citrusy!

Next was the tart shell which I made the next day.  I dread making pie crusts so I dreaded this as well cause its the same thing!  But I think I lucked out because it was on a much smaller scale.  And finally, the whipped cream -- I went with a lightly sweetened cream.  I thought the orange flavor was predominant already.

For my first tart, I'd say I was pretty successful!  Everything came out great.
Head on over to JRoll's blogpage for the recipe.
Join us next month for Club: BAKED!
(I'm hosting!)  We're making ice cream!
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