March 01, 2012

Club BAKED: Nutella Scones

It's been way too long since my last Club:  Baked post but I'm jumping back in with something that I've wanted to make ever since I got the book -- Nutella Scones!  I love nutella, hazelnuts & chocolate and this recipe has it all.

The recipe came together quick & easy.  I ran out of heavy cream and just used whole milk and I increased the hazelnuts to a full cup.  These were yummy... and not too sweet either.  But what brings this over the top is the warm nutella drizzle that goes on top after they're baked..... O.M.G!

Please excuse the iPhone photo. 
Forgot to charge the battery to the big camera.

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Check out Lorraine's blog for the recipe.
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Jess said...

Glad you liked them! Mine came out a bit too dry, so I had to dump even more Nutella on top (tragedy, I know).

Lorraine said...

Your scones look great Karen! This was definitely a good one. I agree that the Nutella on top really made the difference! Since they weren't too sweet I liked the extra kick of the Nutella

Kirsten said...

Great job on the scones! I agree that the Nutella drizzled on top sent these over the a good way!!

Julie said...

I like the idea of extra nuts in these! The drizzle is the best, isn't it?

Teri@thefreshmancook said...

The nutella on top made these for me!
I would have liked more on the inside. Yours look great. I only got 6 out of mine. I should have cut mine smaller!!

Gloria said...

I have been looking forward to this recipe too! I was not disappointed. You really can't go wrong with Nutella. Your scones look fantastic (even on the iphone). ;)

Lulu the Baker said...

I'll definitely be making these again...if I have any Nutella left!

Jen said...

Your scones look great, can't wait to see everyone's Mississippi Mud Pies!

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