March 15, 2012

Club BAKED: Mississippi Mud Pie

Chocolate cookie crust, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding + lightly sweetened whipped cream!  Sounds yummy, right?  Well this was and it was Alexis' Club-Baked pick of the week --- Mississippi Mud Pie.

This was really easy to put together -- if one was patient!  I did this in two nights -- taking about an hour each night.  I made one quarter of the recipe and used a 4.5" springform pan (which was on the "too-small" side).  On the first night I made the the crumb crust and then baked the cake.  While the cake was baking, I made the pudding, which comes together really fast -- and I mean, seriously fast -- i burned the bottom of the pan because I turned away for a second.  Afterwards, I let everything set in the fridge.

On the next night, I made the whipped cream, using only 1/4 cup of cream because that's all that was needed and then assembled.  I guess I was suppose to let the pudding "set up" on the cake before unmolding?  The pudding was oozing everywhere - but that was ok cause this was sooooo delicious & chocolaty.  Good think I only made quarter of it, otherwise, I would have eaten a huge one up in no time!  

This was amazing!  The chocolate pudding recipe is a definite keeper!  I think I will forego the crumb crust next time (too much work) or make the FULL SIZE!

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Teri@thefreshmancook said...

Looks delicious! I love the idea of making the "minis" sometimes! Sorry I couldn't participate this time around, but I will see you for the whoopie pies!

Jess said...

I also loved the pudding. Nice to see a mini version - did you use a small spring form pan?

Jen said...

this recipe was so yummy! I tried to google whether or not you could freeze mud pies and couldn't find a clear answer so I just decided to make the whole thing and freeze it anyway - hopefully it's still just as good when I thaw it!

Jamie said...

You gotta eat the pudding no matter what happens to it!

k.a.r.e.n said...

I used a 4.5" springform. Not sure how freezing pudding would come out.

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