October 15, 2011

Club BAKED: Sawdust Pie

Today's recipe is brought to you by Tessa, The Cookin Chemist.

When I first got the book, I passed over the pies & tarts section... cause I'm just not a pie & tart person.  I'm more about cakes, cupcakes & cookies.  This time around... since there are more pie & tart recipes for me to try, I figure I would tackle more than I normally would.

Sawdust pie - I KNEW the end product would somehow resemble sawdust!  My tweaks:
  • I didnt realize the recipe called for UNSWEETENED cocout until I was ready to rip open the package.  I only had sweetened coconut.  Therefore, I omitted all the sugar that was in the recipe.
  • Instead of making a full pie, I made individual pies.  To do this, I majorly cheated.  I didnt make any of the pie crust that was called for.  I used Keebler's Mini Graham Cracker Crust Pie Crusts.

Next time, I will definitely use UNSWEETENED coconut.  There was way too much sugar in the sweetened version.  I loved the nutty flavor.  Tasted like a pecan pie.

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Jess said...

Love the mini pies. I'm sure the graham cracker crust was great!

Teri@thefreshmancook said...

I will bet these were delicious. The mini pies look fantastic. They would be great for a party! See you next time!

Tessa said...

Graham cracker crust would probably be good here with the flavors already in the pie. Love the minis! Thanks for baking with me!

Stephanie said...

Cute lil minis! They're adorable!

joan said...

Your mini pies are the cutest. Great idea. If I make this pie again, I will definitely make mini pies. I like the idea of having more crust.

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