August 29, 2011

:: SMS Recap :: My Top Ten

I have quite a few cookbooks but I'm proud to say that I've baked thru most of the recipes in this book --  The Sweet Melissa Baking Book by Melissa Murphy, owner of Sweet Melissa Patisserie.

Two years ago, I started baking religiously... and then blogging.  I found a baking/blogging group that was baking through the book.  Since then, I've baked along with other groups and started my own group.  Through blogging, I met a few fantastic bloggers. 

To bid "farewell" (but not forever!) to this group, here's a recap of my top ten recipes from the Sweet Melissa Baking Book.

1. Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream - of course, this would be my number one!  One of the gifts I received during my bridal shower was an ice cream maker and I couldn't wait to make this recipe!

2. Snickerdoodles - who wouldn't love a cinnamon-sugar cookie that is really easy to make? I've made these countless times.

3. Honey Beescotti - I didn't make these the first time with the group.... but when I finally did, I regretted not making them sooner.... these were delicious!

4.  Mom's Banana Apple Bread - Now, a family favorite!

5Caramel Apple Turnovers w/Sweet Ricotta Filling -So easy & delicious.

And rounding off the list are:
6.  Guinness Gingerbread

7.  Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler Pie

8. Hazelnut Truffles

9. Fresh Peach Muffins

10. Sticky Buns


Hanaâ said...

Great round-up, Karen. I went through my entries and pretty much picked my top ten (which was harder than I thought). Now I just have to write about it (hopefully tonight!!) :o)

Gloria said...

Great list Karen. I definitely want to try the apple turnovers. The honey beescotti and sticky buns will need to need to be baked as well!

Tessa said...

That ice cream has to be the best ever! It's my top spot too :)

The group made the banana bread before I had joined, but I've been eying it with all the brown bananas in my freezer. Glad to know you're fan. It certainly looks great!

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