March 21, 2010

::SMS:: Caramel Apple Pie

Today's SMS recipe was chosen by Susan of Baking with Susan. Susan has a great blog and I didnt know this til recently, but runs her own baking business... You Go, Susan!

Double-crusted Caramel Apple Pie... the name of it sounds luscious, doesn't it? I LOVE apple pie. I made fried apple pies once and to my dismay, totally cant find the recipe anywhere now! If anyone has an awesome recipe for fried apple pies, please pass it over my way, cause I miss them dearly.

If you've been following me for awhile (and for those of you that know me personally), you know by now that i HATE HATE HATE making a pie crust. Three weeks ago, our Sunday recipe was Sugar Cookies, which was a sweet pie crust recipe cut into cookies. That didnt work! The ONLY time that it did work for me was the chocolate pie crust... but that one looked icky.

And here we are with another pie crust recipe. This one is made with a food processor which actually started out great. Then I popped it into the fridge. And here comes the part where it all goes down the drain -- the rolling. The dough was sticky, then it fell apart... and forget about making it round. I was trying to make it larger than my pie plate... *sigh* it JUST wouldn't work for me. I gave up... tossed it, KAPUT!
Luckily, I keep frozen ones on hand in case of emergencies like this!
I picked up some Pink Lady apples at a farmer's market and couldn't wait to use them here --- the vendor said that pink ladies have the perfect tartness & sweetness for a pie. The caramel sauce came out easy; as did the apples. I added some cinnamon to the apples. Tossed the apples with the sauce and tossed all that into the pie crust.

(WARNING: these photos were taken late at night.)

Covered with another pie crust and baked for one hour and 15 minutes.

THE RESULT: I thought the caramel sauce was TOO sweet. Pink Lady Apples are on the TART side. This was best eaten with ALA MODE! My mom and brother thought the apples were too sour, too. Next time, I'm going to follow the recipe and use granny smiths like Melissa suggested.

Thanks for hosting, Susan! Head over to her blog for the recipe and be sure to check out what other SMS Bakers did.


Candy Girl said...

Your pie looks delicous! I am still a pie crust novice and often use the refrigerated ones; however, I think this one might have turned out for me. I'm anxious to get it out of the oven to see!

Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul said...


For so much angst about the pie dough...your pie looks great. I'm sure it tasted great too!

Pie dough is not an easy thing to work with. I must agree with you!

Happy Sunday!

Nina said...

looks great!

I used frozen pie dough too, but that was more out of time than it was really out of necessity haha.

Everything with ice cream is better!

Julie said...

I hear you on the pie crust. I hate making them, too. I made a crisp instead.

Tracey said...

Fried apple pies?? If you find the recipe, please share! I've never had one but they sound awesome!

Pie crusts freak me out too. I've been making a torte for my husband to bring to work every week for months now so I've gotten slightly better but I'm nowhere near confident. Your pie looks wonderful, especially with the ice cream. I wish I'd had some vanilla to enjoy with mine :)

Tessa said...

Sounds like we're all a little weary of pie crusts :-)

I unfortunately didn't get to make this one because of travels this week, but after looking at everyone's pictures, I may have to try tackling the pie crust. Your picture with the ice cream looks great!

Future Grown-Up said...

Oh that pie looks wonderful, especially with the ala mode at the end! I'm going to have to borrow your tip of keeping frozen pie crust on hand. My pie crust kept yelling "I want to be free...I want to be free" when I tried to roll it out :)

Susan said...

Sorry your crust wouldn't play nice with you. :) Your pie looks delicious, especially with the vanilla ice cream! Thanks so much for baking along with me this week. :)

Cristine said...

Your pie looks divine with that scoop of ice cream! YUM!

Andrea at Nummy Kitchen said...

I don't think I've ever had Pink Lady Apples, I love tart apples and those sound great, will have to look for them.

Sorry you had no luck with the pie crust, I'm glad you had an extra one on hand. Your pie looks especially delicious a la mode, mmm :)

Leslie said...

How I wish I'd had a frozen pie crust, you have no idea. I like to mix Pink Lady and Gala for the (I think) perfect sweet/tart flavor combination. Your pie looks amazing!

Mara... said...

Oh, that is a bummer about your pie crust. Good thing you had a backup plan. Your pie looks good!!! So good with a big plop of ice cream.

Janne said...

My mouth is salivating! I cant belive I didnt get to taste this one!

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