February 16, 2010

The TAQ Award for Photography

I just received two awards in two days from two different bloggers. The first is from Susan of Baking by Sue, the TAQ Award for Photography. (I will post about the second award later this afternoon, as I am now sitting in my office and I do have some work.)

Thank you, Susan for the photography award. I am still an amateur in this area but I'm learning every day. I became interested in photography right after my wedding (back in 2006). I bought my Digital SLR and started snapping away. It wasn't until I started baking and blogging about food that my photography kicked up a notch. I started to read more about the manual functions of the camera, aperture, depth of field -- and all that other mumble jumble. Obviously, I havent mastered photography. I take over 100 photos of my food just for that one shot I post online. After its all said and done, I guess what it comes down to is luck? I'm kidding!

On accepting the TAQ award I am to post up some of my photos.

This is one of my first food photos that I fell in love with.

I take other photos, too.

This one was taken at the New York Botanical Gardens.

Cherry Blossoms in 2009

Of course, I have a TON of my daughter.

Next, I am to pick 6 bloggers to pass this award to. All are fellow bloggers and I love their blogs, photos and baking. They are:
1. Eliana of A Chica Bakes
2. Jessica of My Baking Heart
3. Judy of Domestic Goddess
4. Spike of Spike Bakes
5. Mike of Good Things About Living Out West
6. Mary Ann of Meet Me in the Kitchen


Eliana said...

You are so sweet. Thanks so much for thinking of me. And your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!

Tia said...

your photos are truly beautiful. and your daughter too!!!

Anncoo said...

I love all your pictures!

Susan said...

Your daughter is so cute. I love the cupcake picture!!

Judy said...

awwwww! thank you so much for thinking of me!!! i'm so flattered!

SUGAR B said...

Congrats on the award! Fantastic!

spike. said...

Thank you! This made my morning! Love your photos

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