November 27, 2009

ːcookie carnivalːPecan Pie Cookies

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!
For the holidays, I take on the task of providing the dessert course of the meal, and it usually takes me a few days (to a few weeks) to come up with my dessert options. This year, I let my baking groups choose for me.

First up, Pecan Pie Cookies... (recipe can be found here)
which was the November recipe for the cookie carnival, chosen by Jen from Beantown Baker. As stated in the recipe, these cookies are "the flavors of pecan pie in a special thumbprint cookie."

And were they ever! Easy to put together, a cinch to bake and delicious!
(Be sure to come back on Monday afternoon to see the cupcakes I made for Thanksgiving.)


Tracey said...

Love the idea! Making cookies is much easier than making a pie :) They look terrific.

Candy Girl said...

These were easy and delicious! Great job!

Tessa said...

These cookies were good! They caused quite the riot at work, and my co-workers have been demanding a reprieve since. Glad you enjoyed them as well!

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