September 22, 2009

ːcookie carnivalːblack bottom coconut cups

Welcome to my first cookie carnival — a once-a-month cookie-baking event, hosted by Kate of the clean plate club. This month's recipe was Martha Stewart's Black Bottom Coconut Bars and the recipe can be found here. As posted on the recipe page, "a rich chocolate brownie and a chewy coconut macaroon — indulge!"

I like brownies & I like macaroons. Hence, it was time to put the two together. Lately, I've been using & abusing my cupcake pan — I decided to do it again!

• I made half the recipe
• Line cupcake pan with liners and lightly spray w/cooking spray
• I spooned approx. 1 tablespoon per cup and came out with 10
• My chocolate bases took about 8 minutes to bake

While the brownie is baking, mix together the coconut topping.

When the chocolate is done spoon about 1 tablespoon of the coconut topping over the brownie. Then top with some reserved coconut. They took about 18 more minutes to bake.

Aren't they cute?

Remove the paper liners before they completely cool.

Although I wish I could have tasted the chocolate part more, I enjoyed these! The coconut macaroon was very tasty. These were super simple to put together — no mixer required! Because I made half the recipe, I mixed everything in a medium bowl. My start to finish time was a lil under an hour. I'm definitely going to make these again!


Anncoo said...

Wow..this is really beautiful! I love the two layers cupcake :D

pink said...

Those look great!

Hanaâ said...

Supercute, Karen. I'm glad you liked them. Too bad I can't eat coconut. It looks really tasty, especially the toasted/golden brown part.

Katiecakes said...


Katie xox

Tracey said...

Gorgeous! Love the way your layers are so perfect. These sound delicious - I love chocolate and coconut too.

Pamela said...

This was a great recipe. I think your little cups turned out so well, too! Neat idea.

Temperance said...

Is it wrong that I want to plop a marshino cherry on top?

My Sister's Kitchen said...

I love the circle shape! How awesome! Your blog is great!

steph said...

I love that you made them into cupcakes! I wish I had thought of that.

Lllovelies said...

I love how you have presented this recipe! Great Blog.

Candy Girl said...

Welcome to the Carnival! I love that you made these as cupcakes. What an awesome, creative idea!

Tessa said...

Love the idea of baking these in a cupcake pan! That makes them into the perfect bite of chocolate and coconut! Welcome to the Carnival!

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