April 26, 2009

Working with Fondant

I took off from this week's Sweet Melissa Sundays Baking Session. Recipe of the day was Granola Breakfast Cookies, chosen by Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen -- be sure to check out her blog for the recipe, as well as the blogs of the other bakers. There are some fabulous cookies out there.

BTW, I made another batch of apple turnovers -- apples were on sale, i still had leftover ricotta and i wanted to take another stab at working with puff pastry. Again, I made the apples & cheese ahead of time and this time, i remembered to thaw the pastry sheets at least an hour before baking. The turnovers were a huge success, of course.

I've been hired to bake for a wedding coming up in mid-May.
For the wedding, the Bride would like a bazillion cupcakes (obviously, this is an overstatement --- but a blog entry about the cupcakes will be posted as the wedding date nears, so stay tuned) as well as small cake (for cutting) covered with fondant. My fellow bakers have told me that it's super easy work with fondant and since I've never worked with it, this weekend i thought i'd give it a try.

So on a hot Sunday afternoon, with the AC cranked I decided to tackle this.... covered my workspace with powdered sugar and began rolling..... WHAT A TASK!!! I dont know if that's how fondant is, but its super hard to roll out... took me FOREVER!! Eventually, after about 15-20 minutes I had a huge enough sheet to cover a 7" cake.

And here it is:

Not bad for a first-timer, huh? The bride will be decorating the top with fresh flowers. Is there something I can do to the side that will make it look nicer and not so plain or should I just leave it alone?


Mermaid Sweets said...

I think you did a great job for the first time. I recently tried my first fondant cake at a class, and it was tough.

curly chub said...

Great job!!

pink said...

Good job!

notmicrowavesafe said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! I don't know what the deal with the wedding is, but you could maybe put another "ribbon" of fondant around the bottom to add a little bit more design to it. You did a fantastic job, though, you're way braver than I am!

HanaĆ¢ said...

That's pretty good for a first time. I've never used it but had started looking into it. From what I had read, you get the smoothest fondant covering if you apply a thin layer of buttercream frosting to the cake prior to the fondant. One of my favorite websites with cake decorating info is www.cakecentral.com. You might have to register but it's free. I hope that helps. Good luck with the wedding cake!!

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