March 17, 2009


A lot of you have asked me what tip i use to make the swirl of frostings on my cupcakes.

I recommend Wilton's 1M (No. 2110 Open Star Decorating Tip) tip for starters -- that's what i started with.... and Wilton's instructions for "how to make the swirls" can be found here.

Other tips I love to use can be found in this Ateco set.

These tips are larger than the Wilton tip. I love the open star & closed star tips, which is what I use the most. Also needed, but not necessary (because you can use a gallon-size ziploc bag to hold the frosting) is a pastry bag.... whether it's a disposable one or a reusable one, i do recommend nothing smaller than a 16" bag.


pink said...

K, you are a genius. I've been buying the pastry bags. I never thought about using a ziploc bag. Thanks for the suggestion!

karen said...

@ pink: i didnt come up with that idea... if u watch enough baking shows and have enough books/magazines... its in there!

sassy said...

hey Karen, I bought the 1M tip. I will try it out! thanks for the info.

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