February 02, 2009

Bacon Explosion

Pork Lovers, REJOICE!
This one's for the MEN! No boys or sissies allowed in here. This is THE recipe for pork & BBQ lovers. I mean.... seriously.... this aint for vegetarians. I decided to make this for the guys for SuperBowl Sunday.

TWO POUNDS of Bacon.
TWO POUNDS of Sausage.
All rolled into one!

The recipe (found here) was featured on Good Morning America on Friday, before the Super Bowl.... and I did exactly what they said to do.

Two pounds of thick cut bacon
Two pounds of italian sausage (i used sweet)
BBQ Sauce

Make a 5x5 bacon weave.

Sprinkle on some BBQ rub.

I bought sausage from the market and removed the casings. This part was so gross. I advise you to wear gloves, if you have them.

Next, pile the sausage onto your bacon weave, and press in firmly.

Set aside. Cook remaining bacon the way you like it. Shred cooled bacon and add it on top of the sausauge.

Add some BBQ seasoning and drizzle on some BBQ sauce.

According to the bloggers @ BBQ addict, next comes the fun part.
To me, this was actually the hard part. Rolling up the sausage & the cooked bacon without the bacon weave. [WEAR GLOVES, for this!] This wasnt as easy as they said it would be but i did it.

Next, wrap your bacon weave around your sausage loaf.

The recipe says to smoke the loaf. I didnt have a smoker -- i just used my oven.
Baked at 250 degrees for 2.5 hours. I know why they said to smoke it. OMG... the grease from the bacon & sausauge was kinda gross. I removed this when it was done.

Then I slathered some more BBQ sauce on top and broiled at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.

THE VERDICT: This was really easy to make and very tasty. It wasn't dry because of the slow & low - cooking method. I would make this again but maybe to be a lil more healthier, I'm going to use turkey bacon & sausage; and probably add in some pepper & onion strips in the middle.

To avoid all the grease, next time I'm going to use a roasting pan with rack.


Louis C. said...

holy shit this is awsome lLOLL Cross stitch bacon strips!!

pink said...

Damn... that's a lot of meat! o.O

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