December 10, 2008

Storing Cookies

With the Holidays around the corner, I will be making my cookies in batches. I dont really have the time right now for one of my 11-12 hour bake-a-thons. And with making batches, i'm going to need to store them. Here's a tip:

Freshly made cookies need to be cooled completely before storing in airtight containers or the cookies will become soft from the steam they produce while they are still warm. For frosted cookies, always let the frosting dry completely before storing or the cookies will stick together. It is best to store filled and frosted cookies in a single layer or between layers of parchment or wax paper. Always store each type of cookie separately. If you store different flavored and textured cookies together they will end up taking on the characteristics of each other i.e., a dry crisp textured cookie stored with a soft textured cookie will absorb its moisture and become soft. Likewise, a shortbread stored with a spice cookie will end up tasting like a spice cookie.


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