November 12, 2008

The Giant Cupcake

When I was planning Baby M's 1st birthday party, i thought hard about what i wanted to do for her First Birthday Cake. My original plan was to just get an ice cream cake. I went to Cold Stone & Baskin Robbins -- those cakes are EXPENSIVE. So then.... i thought, i'm a baker... so why not bake for her birthday. But with the time I spend taking care of her -- baking was just not one of my priorities.

I got Baby M's godmom to contribute and she said she would be more than happy to bake cupcakes. What a great idea! My mother said that wasnt enough for the Birthday Girl because she needed her own cake for the candles. So i fell victim to the Giant Cupcake Craze... albeit, a few months late, but better late than never, right? At first I was going to get the Wilton Cupcake Pan.

After extensive research and reading reviews about the pan, the recipe, the bake time, etc., I almost didnt want to get bake the cake. A dear friend recommended the Nordic Pan which is sold exclusively at Williams-Sonoma. What a great idea, since i had a giftcard anyway. So that was it, i got the "other" Giant Cupcake Pan.

For the Birthday Cake, I baked a Classic Vanilla Bundt Cake and used my Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting. I think it turned out pretty nice for my first Giant Cupcake Project. More Giant Cupcakes to come. I'm definitely happy i got the pan and plan to use it often.

Happy Birthday, Baby Doll!


pink said...

That is the cutest cake ever!

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